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February 2018

Greetings Community Members,

The John Swett Unified School District has many programs and activities designed to meet the needs of our wonderful and amazing students. One of the programs that brings us great pride is our Career Technical Academy at John Swett High School. The Career Technical Academy was established in 2002 as part of a multi-stakeholder undertaking between business, community, and education. The John Swett High School Careers Academy offers students a superior program of craft and technical education in focused areas of study and serves as the cornerstone of the District's career pathway program. Participation in the Careers Academy enhances future educational and careers opportunities for our students and gives them skills and knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

Supported by significant funding from Phillips 66, the Contra Costa County Office of Education ROP program, and other contributors, the Careers Academy offers courses such as Machine Tool Technology, Computer Assisted Design/Drafting, Industrial Maintenance, Construction, Industrial Survey, Publications, and Multimedia. These courses are hands-on, dynamic, and prepares students for higher education and/or immediate entry into the job market. A great way to learn more about our Career Academy is to visit our website at and follow the links to the Career Academy homepage.

Our Career Academy is guided by a highly committed group of people that include myself, teachers, principals, community members, industry leaders, and many others. We want to thank Kevin McNeal, Tony Tammer, Paul Adler, Dick Zampa, Harold Burnett, Jeff Wallace, Chuck Roth, Norma Clerici, Shane Reinhart, and Jeff Wallace who serve as members of our Career Academy Executive Committee. These individuals go above and beyond for our students. We thank them for their service to our students. We invite parents, students, and members of the community to take a closer look at our Careers Academy. If you would like to visit Careers Academy classrooms in action, please reach out to Jeff Wallace (principal) at 510-787-1088.

As always, I invite your thoughts and input about ways we can improve our District and support all our students. I can be reached by cell phone at 925-639-7408. Thank you.

Charles Miller, Ed. D.

Rodeo Hills is proud to announce kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year. Registration starts Monday, January 22nd, and lasts from 9-3 each day. Kindergarten Law regarding kindergarten birthday start dates has changed. To be eligible for Kindergarten, your student must be 5 years old on or before September 1. Students who turn 5 years old on or after September 2nd through December 2nd are eligible to enroll in our “transitional kindergarten” program. For more information on transitional kindergarten, please feel free to drop by RHES anytime or check out


Original Birth Certificate from the country, county, or state (Copies will not be accepted)
Immunization Records: State Law requires that all Kindergarten students entering school have up-to-date shots. No Exceptions
Proof of Residency: You must provide 2 proofs of residency. Utility bill, mortgage papers, property tax payment, rental property contract, lease, voter registration, pay stub etc. are also acceptable

We do not accept driver’s license
Thank you, Phillips 66, for your continued support and generosity!