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Shelter In Place

about 1 year ago

Definition: Whenever there is a release of a chemical substances into the air, via man made or natural disaster, there is the potential for hazardous gases escaping which may create a dangerous situation and/or be harmful to your health. In such an event, a determination will be made as to whether this plan's "Shelter In Place" procedure will need to be implemented to protect the safety and welfare of our students and staff. The main objective is to move students to designated safe locations that will protect them until the disaster is deemed to be over. This Shelter in Place plan may be implemented if any of the following occur: 
  • any unusual odor or smells 
  • any skin or eye irritation 
  • any visible smoke, fire, or vapor clouds (outside the building). 
  • any gunfire heard 
  • any airway or breathing difficulties 
  • any outside safety hazards reported by the police 

Goals: To safeguard the lives of our students, faculty and staff and to avoid all injuries. To implement a fast, safe, efficient and effective Shelter In place plan. To communicate and relay information to students, staff, and the appropriate outside resources. (Police, FD, School Officials, Transportation, Media) To demonstrate what to do and how to react during the Shelter In Place plan. To be trained and to familiarize ourselves with the plan. 

Rationale: With the potential for hazardous chemical spills that may be harmful to the health and well being of our students and staff, we, at John Swett Unified School District, want to prepare our school for such an incident. Therefore, our main concerns are the safety and welfare of our students and staff. In the event of any type of emergency (as in the Shelter in Place plan) we want our students to be and feel safe at all times. We want to avoid any kind of injuries whatsoever and be able to tend to the needs of our students and staff. The following is a General School Rule of what to do if a Shelter In Place Plan is called for. Get everyone inside the school, in the event students are outside during recess Shut all windows and doors. Turn off heating and cooling ventilation systems. Do not panic! Principal will call 9-1-1. Principal will contact Superintendent's office. There is to be ABSOLUTE SILENCE AT ALL TIMES!! Listen very carefully to your teacher's directions. Do not stand near a window or door. Make sure all the windows, drapes, and doors are closed in your designated area. Take a battery operated radio to each designated Shelter room and have the radio set to local news station. Take a flashlight to each designated shelter room. No One near any window. If you smell gas, get away from the smell.