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JSUSD Board of Education
The Board of Education is a five person policy-making body which operates within the laws of the State of California and Contra Costa County. Each board member is elected for a four-year term; terms of office are staggered with elections held every two years.It is responsible for approving the district's budget and adopting all policies and curriculum. The authority of the Board is as a whole and no Board member may act as an official of the district except when the board meets in a regular or a special session. The Board of Trustees is elected to represent all of the people of the school district. In making its decisions, the Board is guided by what is in the best interest of the entire district. The Board President and Clerk are selected on a rotating basis during the organizational meeting held in December.

The John Swett Unified School District Board of Education meets once a month, the second Wednesday of the month at the District Office, 400 Parker Avenue, Rodeo. Public comments on Closed Session items are heard at 5:30 PM. The Public Session begins at 6:30 PM.

Are the meetings held in public?
Yes, and the public is encouraged and welcome to attend.

Do members of the audience have an opportunity to speak?
Persons wishing to speak on an item listed on the agenda shall fill out a "Request to Speak at Board of Education Meeting" form located at the back of the board room and submit the form to the board secretary prior to the discussion of the item. Persons wishing to speak on an item not on the agenda may do so by filling out this form under the section on the agenda titled "Public Comment." A time limit of three (3) minutes per speaker for both items on the agenda and items not on the agenda has been established and will be enforced.

What is the procedure when called to speak?
Come to the microphone at the podium. State your name. Be brief and to the point. Speakers must adhere to the three (3) minute time limit.

Where can I access the board meeting agenda and minutes?
Click on the "School Board Links" below and select "Agendas".
Board Members
The John Swett Unified School District's dedicated professionals work for the good of all students, focusing on promoting higher student achievement by motivating and challenging every student to strive enthusiastically toward academic and personal success.

All Students can and must experience success in their own learning.
Professional staff must put forth high quality effort, employ multiple teaching strategies and work as a team to educate our students.
Professional staff and students are responsible for the quality of the educational experience and all will be accountable for it.
All people deserve to be treated with respect and are expected to treat all others with respect.
Partnerships among professional staff, students, parents, and community are most effective when positive attitudes are sought, encouraged, and shared.