Ms. Kelleye Bennett-Vinci

Phone: 510-787-1088 x1252


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kelleye Bennett-Vinci

Former Computer Programmer and Systems Admin turned Library and Computer Science Geek.

I started being interested in computers in the early 1970's when my father would bring work home, or take us to his office. My first actual attempt at programming was a high school elective course in 1978.
I played with programming in the 90's, writing a catalog program to put the Diablo Valley College Media & Computer Center holdings online in a searchable format.
I was later offered a job at Walnut Creek CDRom in 2000 as the web programmer, and since then have worked in programming and Unix Systems Admin at BSDi, Wind River, GreatSchools, and iHouseWeb. In 2014 I came to JSUSD to work as the Library Media Tech, at CMS and JSHS, and later, full time at the High School.