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October 2018

Greetings Families and Community Members,

On August 29th, Our Governing Board of Trustees met and devoted an entire Special Board Study session to developing a new Vision and Mission for the John Swett Unified School District. Our Board Members reviewed a variety of data sources such as CAASPP test scores (the State's way of measuring academic progress), California Healthy Kids Survey data, and demographic information to develop and understanding of how well our students were doing in school and the perceptions of our schools from the viewpoint of staff, students, and parents. After much reflection and discussion, our Board developed the following vision and mission statements:
Vision (what we want to see): 
The John Swett Unified School District is a marvelously diverse, welcoming, and inviting community of learners.
Mission (where we want to go):
The John Swett Unified School District provides every student…
  • A safe, equitable and restorative culture and community;
  • The opportunity to realize their full potential;
  • Access to an excellent education;
  • The skills and knowledge to pursue lifelong learning.
This vision and mission will shape our District's work going forward and reflects our Board's interest to make our schools the best possible places for students to learn and be successful. As we progress though the year, we will be developing Board goals to help focus the work at our school sites and establish growth targets for our students. 
The climate and culture within our schools has improved considerably. Each school has a standing Leadership Committee devoted to ensuring that our schools are safe and positive places for our students to learn. In addition, our Safety, Security, and Attendance Coordinator, John Angell, is leading efforts to make sure that all students feel included and supported in our schools. Mr. Angell is currently working with other schools and districts on the Sandy Hook Promise "Start With Hello" program. This program is designed to help reduce social isolation in children which reduces the chance that a child may pull away from others, struggle with learning or relationships, or choose to hurt themselves or others. Creating inclusive and supportive schools, where all children feel that they belong, is one of the best ways to create safe conditions for all students. Mr. Angell is also leading an Attendance Awareness campaign designed to get all students coming to school on a daily basis. Finally, our Maintenance Supervisor, Greg Hinson, is working incredibly hard and has greatly reduced our work order backlog, improved the conditions of our buildings and grounds, and works with our custodial crew to ensure our schools are clean. 
Finally, our Governing Board is in the process of filling an upcoming vacancy on the Board. By the time this article goes to press, the Board will be preparing to conduct interviews and appoint a new Board member. More information can be found on our website at
Your thoughts and viewpoints about our District is important. We have been working hard to create safe, positive, and inclusive schools. We want to hear from you about ways we can do even better. I am available by cell phone at (925) 639-7408 or by email at Additionally, if you ever have a problem or concern, please feel free to reach out to me personally and I will help get things resolved.   
Charles Miller, Ed. D.
John Swett Unified School District
Office: 510-245-4300 x2105
Cell: 925-639-7408