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May 2019

Greeting Families and Community Members,

Our District's mission is to provide every student with a safe, equitable, restorative culture and community, the opportunity to realize their full potential, access to an excellent 21st century education, and the skills and knowledge to pursue lifelong learning. As part of that process, we are actively working to engage parents, guardians, and community members in our District's efforts to educate all students. We recently established a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) as a way to ensure parents have an active voice in our schools, create an opportunity for networking between parents, and a way that parents and guardians can engage in activism where appropriate and needed. We held our first PAC meeting on April 4th at Rodeo Hills Elementary School. We had over fifteen parents show up and we provided dinner, babysitting, and Spanish translation. Parents and guardians had an opportunity to get to know one another, express their views about the school District and the learning opportunities at each school site, and some of the next steps for the PAC. 
One of the major activities at this first PAC meeting was to give parents and guardians a chance to give input on our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). Parents were asked give their thoughts and ideas about ways we can improve overall student achievement, fix our facilities, help students be college and career ready, enhance school climate and parent participation, and improve services for special needs students. Many ideas were generated including integrating art, music, and drama into the schools, improve services for English Learners, better ensure that the facilities are cleaned and maintained, expanding our Career Academy, update our website more frequently, and increase supports for our special education students. We will be working to integrate many of these suggestions into our LCAP over the next month and produce a draft for community review and input.
The Parent Advisory Committee will be meeting on the first Tuesday of every month with the next meeting on Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30 pm in the Rodeo Hills Library. We invite all parents, guardians, and community members to join us and band together to make our District a great place for students to learn and grow. Dinner, babysitting, and Spanish translation will be available. Finally, I am always available by cell phone at (925) 639-7408 if you have any questions or concerns.
Charles Miller, Ed. D.
John Swett Unified School District
Office: 510-245-4300 x2105
Cell: 925-639-7408