Welcome to the Student Computer Use Page

  • John Swett Unified School District (JSUSD) provides computers, internet access, and other technology resources to support curriculum and student learning. The district will make every effort to protect students from any misuses or abuses as a result of their experiences with JSUSD technology resources. In accepting the responsibility of being issued this access, students are expected to abide by this Responsible Use Policy. 

    I, the student, and my parent/guardian, understand and agree that: 

    ● I will use the district technology resources responsibly and primarily for educational purposes. 

    ● My online activity is public and can be monitored. 

    ● I am responsible for staying safe on the internet. 

    ● I will only use the login accounts assigned to me, and I will keep them secret. 

    ● I will keep my personal identification information secret. 

    ● I will represent myself honestly, and properly give credit to those whose work I reference. 

    ● I will use thoughtful and appropriate words, being mindful of how they may be interpreted by others. 

    ● I will take proper care of district equipment. I will be financially responsible for necessary repairs or replacement caused by my loss, negligence, or misuse. 

    ● I can be disciplined if I do not follow this Responsible Use Policy. 

    ● We will not hold the district or any district staff responsible for the failure of any technology protection measures or user mistakes or negligence. 

    ● We will indemnify and hold harmless the district and district staff for any damages or costs incurred.