• School Wide Learner Outcomes

    The high school’s curricular emphasis has both a solid foundation in the depth and breadth of California State Standards, while maintaining particular attention to the various learning styles and needs represented by all students. Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) are a driving force in curricular development and teaching methodology. The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes are intended to challenge students to develop the following skills:

    Socially Responsible Citizens

    • learning their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democracy
    • becoming productive citizens in their local, national, and global communities

    Well: Physically and Mentally

    • learning behaviors that promote good health
    • developing a sense of self-worth and self-respect

    Ethical and Respectful Citizens

    • interacting cooperatively with others and working effectively toward a common goal
    • listening to and respecting each others' ideas and feelings; communicating effectively their own ideas and feelings
    • developing insight into ethical values and principles as well as learning respect for diversity

    Thoughtful Problem Solvers and Effective Communicators

    • learning clear and effective communication
    • demonstrating independent and creative thinking
    • acquiring problem-solving skills

    Technologically Skilled and Career-Ready

    • examining their choices for careers and post-secondary education
    • demonstrating sufficient skills in order to gain useful employment
    • learning the importance of punctuality, attendance, and personal responsibility in the workplace
    • developing skills and confidence in using computers and other technology
    Created on 7/30/2009 - Last updated on 1/21/2014