• Biology

    Students are required to have a composition notebook. We will use our notebooks each day in class. I have some notebooks available for students who are unable to provide their own.

     All classes

    Aeries: Check Aeries for your current grade and missing assignments.

    Google Classroom: Google classroom will have notes, virtual copies of assignments, and directions on how to make-up work missed due to excused absences. 

    Tips for success in Ms. Harris' classes:

    • Keep your Biology notebook up to date
    • Check Aeries regularly - complete missing assignments
    • When absent, check Google classroom for details, then ask Ms. Harris if you need help getting caught up
    • Always complete labs on time. Resubmit labs if you earn <80%
    • Try not to fall behind. If you do, get help from Ms. Harris immediately
    • Communicate! Ms. Harris is here to help you :)