• About Us

    The current JSEF Board of Directors bring a wealth of experience in different fields, including education, law, finance, small business ownership, health care, art, and grant management. Collectively, their professional knowledge provides JSEF with the expertise necessary to carefully assess school funding priorities, efficiently handle funds, and make the greatest impact possible from your contributions.

    Marianne Clark, President
    Virginia Silver-Rimbach, Vice-President
    Paul Davis, Treasurer
    Billie Davis, Recording Secretary
    Victoria Ayala, Director
    Emma Sutton, Director
    Tracy Weber, Director
    Beverly Hill, Director Emeritus

    John Swett Education Foundation

    To learn about the Foundation’s history and activities, select Who We Are. If you have any questions or comments we are glad to respond to them through the “Contact Us” feature on this site, but please also be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions to better understand why we’re needed and why we need your help.