Middle School



    Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    John Swett High School Football Field


    Eligibility to Walk the Stage: Parents/Guardians will be notified Friday, May 30th or Monday, June 3rd if their child will not be walking the stage due to their grades. Students must achieve either a 2.0 grade point average or receive no F’s in any class to walk the stage.      


    Drop Off: Please drop off your at the high school cafeteria at 3:30 pm for them to put their corsages on and line up for the procession onto the field.


    Tickets: On the morning of the last day of school, at the end of their final graduation practice, your student will be given an envelope with eight (8) tickets inside. Please call Mrs. Miller at 787-1081 if you feel that you may need extra tickets.


    Parking: is available at Carquinez Middle School.  Please park and walk through the tunnel to JSHS.  The entry gate to the high school football field will open at 3:45pm for entrance and the promotion ceremony will start promptly at 4:30pm. Please allow ample time for parking and getting seated at high school field.  


    Handicapped Parking: Is available below the John Swett High School football field in the Student Parking lot towards the C&H factory. If need be, people can be  “dropped-off” at the entrance gate, and then parking can be found.


    Photos: A photographer will be taking photos of each graduate. We will include ordering information to purchase photos in the promotion ceremony program.


    Summer School Referrals Forms: Forms were already sent in the mail in addition to being sent home with the students.  If a student improves their grades to a C or above in both Math and English, they do not need to attend summer school.  If any new student is newly referred to summer school as of the Quarter 4 final report card, a representative from CMS will be calling home on the last week of May or first week of June.  A referral form will also be send home with the student.


    Please contact us at CMS if there are any questions at 510-787-1081.  

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    May 2019

    Dear Carquinez Middle School Family,

    I wanted you to know that after five wonderful years at Carquinez Middle School, I have accepted a new principal position on the peninsula for next year. Thank you for the opportunity to serve students and families within the John Swett Unified School District. I have treasured my time with your student.

    With gratitude and respect,

    Mrs. Flores-Aikey


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  • CMS is a Closed Campus
    Please remember CMS is a closed campus.  Once your student
    sets foot on campus (including the driveway) they are at school and
    not allowed to go uptown unless you go with them.  No uptown
    visits are allowed after school either before the bus ride home or an
    after-school club/band/sport.
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  • Thank you CMS PTA! 

    CMS received a grant from the PTA to pay for our student planners this year. 

    The CMS PTA has also sponsored our 3rd Annual "Create a Bookmark" Contest.  


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From the Superintendent