•   Welcome to the School Site Council

         The "school site council" at Carquinez Middle School is vital to the success of our campus.  It encompasses parents, students, and staff, serving as a means to evaluate and assist in crafting the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) while also helping to determine needed expenditures for Title 1 funds.  

         As a Title 1 school, we have a little more than $40,000 to budget each year, which for the past two years has been used for positive behavior practices to include Mindful Life, student curriculum/engagement supplements such as Newsela and BrainPop, building our Spanish language novels/books in the library, and student awards/recognition.
         Parents are selected by parents (ballots should more than the minimum be nominated or volunteer).  Similarly, staff, teachers, and students are also selected by their peers (including student council) should more than the minimum representation be nominated or volunteer.
         School site council members should plan on meeting at least four to five times per year and spending some outside time reading/going over the School Plan For Student Achievement in particular (as well as financial requests made by teachers/staff).
         The school site council members for 2020-2021 are listed below, but we always encourage those interested to apply each year.  Please keep an eye out for such opportunities in school emails, announcements, videos, and phone dialers.
         We are so thankful to serve the students, families and staff as a part of this team.
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  • School Site Council Members 2020-2021


    Briana Bizzle-King

    Maria Petrovits

    Jennifer Salazar 


    Rhean Ashley Ramos

    Justin Caniezo

    Elba Basurto Bravo (Alternate)

    Carquinez Middle School Staff:

    Annie Miller, Office Mgr.

    Steve Peters, Principal

    Iris Wesselmann, Teacher

    Katie Capeluto, Teacher

    Eden Kennedy-Hoffmann, Teacher on Special Assignmemt

    Jessica Shotwell, Library Media Tech.


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